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Why do we fall in love with some books… …and hate others?

The reason why is because of the characters.

Great characters are what make us fall in love with a book.

They’re the difference between a so-so novel and something you want to read over and over again (For example, think about something like Pride and Prejudice and the character of Elizabeth Bennet)

Boring one dimensional characters inspire no one.

And if you think back to the books you loved the most, you’ll realize I’m right.

Luckily, the secret to writing great characters is simple.


Your characters have to express emotion, they have to feel things and interact emotionally with the other characters. When you do this the right way, the emotion gets transferred over to the reader.

They feel what the characters are feeling, connect to them and get caught up in your story.

That is why we love some books while we hate others

Written Nov 30, 2018


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