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How to get Organic Traffic for my website ?

You can get organic traffic for your site by generating backlinks on different sites. Google will count these backlinks and rank your webstie in very short time and also you will get huge traffic from Google in response.


Written Dec 12, 2018

What is SEO?

SEO is stand for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing  the quality and quantity of traffic in your website through organic search engine results. 


1. WHITE  HAT SEO : It the practice of SEO which is done manually by following all rules and regulations. 

2.BLACK HAT SEO/PAID SEO: It is a paid process which is done through using some software and is it not stable .

Written Dec 07, 2018

Someone is copying my website , What should I do ?

Someone is ripping off the articles on your site? You can always slap a fake, or even real(if you want to take it that far) DMCA in their face to scare them into taking down your content. Stealing copyrighted content is plagiarism and plagiarism is illegal so just tell them that you're a lawyer and want the content taken down. Use a program such as Grammarly to help with your grammar so you come off more professional and believable. Good luck!

Written Jan 02, 2019

What is Press release in term of SEO?

Online Press release is a type of off-page linking technique. In which you distribute an article about your website to all the online news website which when published creates a high quality backlink to your website.

Written Dec 20, 2018


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