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Mining Btcoins. Is It Profitable now ?

Bitcoin has gone through a recent crash, but it often does. That's what happens with the market. It's really just a risky game of cat and mouse. Although Bitcoin experienced a crash, that doesn't really take away the value of it. One Bitcoin is still worth thousands of dollars. If you have a good rig and can just let it run, why not mine on the side? Sure you'll see your wallet increasing and decreasing but eventually it will climb back up. It always does. Don't stop mining!

Written Jan 02, 2019

How do I buy Bitcoin with a credit card?

Coinbase only recently stopped accepting credit cards for transactions. Too many legalities. But there are several very trusted sites that you can use to buy BTC with a credit card. Localbitcoin is a reputable site that allows credit card transactions. You could also use Cash App. That's probably the most trusted these days. Good luck!

Written Jan 03, 2019