Mining Btcoins. Is It Profitable now ?

Hi Guys, which are the best ways to mine bitcoin? Also, which are the specs for a good laptop or desktop that can be used to mine bitcoins? I have been mining with my desktop computer but it's really difficult and I don't mine that much bitcoins. Also is mining Bitcoin Profitable now ?

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Well it kind of is, but considering the varying value of the coin, I wouldn't suggest spending too much on a mining rig since there was a global shortage of graphics cards due to the same with inflated prices and it's still not come down that much yet, so you might want to consider how much you want to invest in that.

Also its never a good idea to use laptops for mining, from personal experience they tend to heat up a lot and inturn throttle the CPU to cope with the high temperatures so you wouldn't get a consistent performance while mining. Considering you only get 4 cores on your laptop at a "questionably" reasonable price point, you wouldn't be able to do anything else on your laptop while it mines, going beyond 4 cores and investing in a 6 core laptop just for mining would be down right impractical since you could get a far more powerful desktop setup at that price and given the ROI on such a machine, it wouldn't be anywhere near profitable to say the least.

Written Dec 24, 2018

It was possible to mine bitcoins using a laptop sometimes ago, but not anymore. The best thing to do now is to trade, buy and sell bitcoins. In order to buy and sell bitcoins you need an exchange and a wallet app to store it securely. Just like the previous answer said, graphic cards are not readily available and there aren't many bitcoins left out there to mine.

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Written Dec 24, 2018

Bitcoin has gone through a recent crash, but it often does. That's what happens with the market. It's really just a risky game of cat and mouse. Although Bitcoin experienced a crash, that doesn't really take away the value of it. One Bitcoin is still worth thousands of dollars. If you have a good rig and can just let it run, why not mine on the side? Sure you'll see your wallet increasing and decreasing but eventually it will climb back up. It always does. Don't stop mining!

Written Jan 02, 2019

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