What electrical motors are used in Tesla and why?

What electrical motors are used in Tesla and why?

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Tesla vehicles uses 3 phase Four pole Induction Motor. These are the  reasons for using it.

  1. Induction motors especially 3 phase are rugged and reliable.
  2. 3 phase Induction Motors are highly efficient and have low weight/kW power requirement.
  3. 3 phase Induction motors are self starting unlike gasoline engines where a separate DC motor is required for initial crank.
  4. Most importantly with the help of VVVFD drives, these motors have efficient start with low current and high starting torque.
  5. Induction motors are efficient in terms of braking also. Regenerative braking is an inherent property where the motor can return electric power back to the supply during Electrical braking.
  6. Speed regulation of an induction motor is quite good. Also the speed of the motor can be easily controlled by just varying frequency.

Written Dec 19, 2018

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