Is applying tootpaste in Pimples a good remedy ?

Is applying tootpaste in Pimples a good remedy ? Some of mt friends do use it, but I am afraid to do, as tootpaste is for teeth and not for acne ?
Any tips ?
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Written Dec 06, 2018

I do not think so, i applied toothpaste on pimples many times but mostly this technique not working. So i used pimple removing cream to remove pimple from my face.

Written Dec 12, 2018

I never got any pimples or imperfections on my face until I was in my late twenties. Once I started getting pimples, it was one blackhead and whitehead after another. I Googled how to treat them for free with home remedies and saw that toothpaste was a suggestion. I tried it for two weeks straight and IT DID NOTHING. I saw no difference in my face. It was still filled with zits so I stopped and moved onto using just alcohol, which is amazing! I highly suggest using rubbing alcohol if you're looking for another way to rid your face of pimples. Good luck!

Written Jan 02, 2019

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