How is the review of Shankar movie 2.0 ?

How is the review of Shankar - Rajanikanth movie 2.0 ? How is box-office collection for this one ?

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Here is a review of Shankar's 2.0


Written Dec 01, 2018

I found the film very amatuerish. Metal graphics and lengthy VFX visuals may make you sick. However there is a message ,and that message could be conveyed within 5 minutes, but dragged onto till more than 2 hr.30 minutes.
I would give it 25 out of 5 stars.
Hence you may or may not see it, and if don't see it nothing to lose.

Written Dec 03, 2018

Whatever it is, it raked in more than 500 crores as of this date.
Hence definitely a box office hit.

Written Dec 06, 2018

Excellent movie, i watched this movie Yesterday. This movie earned more than 500 crores. i really liked this movie. I bet with you, this is one of the best movie of 2018 and definitely will get lots of awards.

Written Dec 12, 2018

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