How to get Organic Traffic for my website ?

How do I get real organic traffic for my website? I don't need any bogus, fake traffic.


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Backlinks in Social media and other good Ranked sites are the major ways of getting traffic organically. You can make use of links in forums ( though should not appear spammy) to the webmaster. can also be made useful for promoting your website , by answering niche related questions, thus providing a backlink to your site.

Written Nov 30, 2018

You can get organic traffic for your site by generating backlinks on different sites. Google will count these backlinks and rank your webstie in very short time and also you will get huge traffic from Google in response.


Written Dec 12, 2018

Start with SEO(search engine optimization). That will definitely help you get a higher ranking in search engines and you'll get organic traffic that way. Don't rely solely on search engines though. There are billions of websites out there and millions of results for certain search terms so you'll have a lot of competition. You should also try social networks to get organic traffic. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help since that's what a lot of people are using these days. 

Written Jan 02, 2019

SEO is the solution. If you're new to SEO then you can use services like SEMRush, Moz etc which will give you exact inputs on what needs to be done to improve your website SEO.

Written Jan 09, 2019