I wish to take up MBBS course in China . Any suggestion?


I wish to take up MBBS course in China . Any suggestion or opinions from real students ?

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I'm a student studying medicine in Nanjing Medical University in Nanjing, China.The pros of studying here would be..

  • Beautiful and safe environment.For sightseeing and studying.
  • Moderate weather. Not extreme anyway. 
  • Classes are in English 
  • Good facilities 
  • Tremendous opportunities to display our culture and immerse ourselves in Chinese culture and other cultures as there are many students from different countries attending NJMU.
  • Fees and cost of living is comparatively affordable. There is also opportunity for scholarship each year.

Now the cons would be :

  • There won't be any medical subjects in the first year at my university.first year subjects are math, physics, chemistry, computer, Chinese history and Chinese.  It is not the case in some other universities in China. 
  • We'll have to study Chinese till 3rd year. And we also have to pass an exam called HSK. Chinese is tough but with regular practice, it can be learnt just like any other language. 
  • Strict rules and regulations regarding attendance and other stuff. I don't know if you'd see this as a con or not. 
  • Food from the canteen  is a bit hard to get adjusted to but there is a kitchen on every floor if you feel like cooking instead.
  • Language is a problem. It'd be best to be fluent in English and study Chinese well. It is needed to converse with the locals. 

So that's all I could think of. Hope it was helpful. 

Written Jan 26, 2019

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