Is Jatayu Para Worth visiting ? How is the experience ?

Is Jatayu Para ( Jatayu Earth Centre ) Worth visiting as a tourist spot ? How is the experience ?

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I recently visited on Jan 2019 .Took the Cable car & sculpture view ticket.
The Ambience on approach was good. Very neat and tidy . Has to undergo body frisking for security as in Airports . No outside food allowed. The cable car ride was very short , hardly 10 minutes, and it was not smooth too. Swinging all the way up.
Once at top nothing to see except the scuplture of Jatayu. Entrance was restricted to the Musuem inside the sculpture so cannot comment on that.
Hardly could spend 45 minutes at top, as there was nothing else.
Overall at the end the Rs400/- + GST seems not worth.
There was a 12 D thetare for which you have to pay extra Rs150/- situated at the exit hall.
So before visiting better make a call and ask them what all are there to see, becuase unless they add more attractions at this cost, I would suggest you wait till more investments and features come up.


Written Jan 19, 2019