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How is the review of movie Aquaman?

Well, as far as I see, Aquaman is getting nothing but good reviews. It is currently the number one movie in the entire world and has been since being released. I personally haven't seen it because I don't see the appeal of Jason Mamoa, or the story, but from what I've heard it's a really good movie.

Which is best iOS or Android?

Both iOS & Android are perfect in their own way.
If you need something very secure and full of safety features then you should go for iphone or iOS.
But if don't care that much about securtity and want customization to your mobile then Android is the best for you.

What to do if you are stressed?

Being stressed nowadays is getting very common for all. But what to do, to overcome this stressfull life and be happy.
Here are some tricks you can try:

  1. Take a ride, its the best remedy take your bike and go out have some fress air.
  2. Listen to the music, trust me its the best remedy.
  3. Have a tea or coffee. It will refresh your moond.
  4. Spend some time with your friends and family.

After all, life meant to be lived happily not wating it by stressing over problems.

How to do marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great platform for marketing and generating number of sales for your professional business.
One way to do that is , 
First of all set your profile to the same profession you want to target people.
Then connecting all those people which comes under the same network.
After that all you have to do , is to send the message of your proposal to all these people.
You can also use some automation tools also.

How to make an android app without any knowledge of coding?

There are plenty of online app inventing tools which you can use to make a valuable app and monetize it earn some side income. You can try searching Thunkable. Its the best platform for beginners.

What is Press release in term of SEO?

Online Press release is a type of off-page linking technique. In which you distribute an article about your website to all the online news website which when published creates a high quality backlink to your website.

How to setup a lifetime business at your home.

In this world of today where everything seems to happen online, there are enormous businesses which you can start sitting at your home with just a laptop and a high speed internet connection. Some of them are:
1. Freelancing
2. Dropshipping
3. Service Reselling
4. Online Trading
5. Business Flipping
6. Monetizing Content
And many more.

How to reach China from Hongkong by Train ?

How to do on-page SEO?

What electrical motors are used in Tesla and why?


Tesla vehicles uses 3 phase Four pole Induction Motor. These are the  reasons for using it.

  1. Induction motors especially 3 phase are rugged and reliable.
  2. 3 phase Induction Motors are highly efficient and have low weight/kW power requirement.
  3. 3 phase Induction motors are self starting unlike gasoline engines where a separate DC motor is required for initial crank.
  4. Most importantly with the help of VVVFD drives, these motors have efficient start with low current and high starting torque.
  5. Induction motors are efficient in terms of braking also. Regenerative braking is an inherent property where the motor can return electric power back to the supply during Electrical braking.
  6. Speed regulation of an induction motor is quite good. Also the speed of the motor can be easily controlled by just varying frequency.

Bench mark Spec V1.2

How to get Thailand Tourist visa online ?

Now tourists can apply for online visa and save lots of time standing in long ques  at Thai airports. www.evisathailand.com/

The e-Visa on Arrival service by eVisaThailand.com is pleased to provide support for visitors from 20 countries and 1 territory to arrival airports in Thailand including Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang Airport International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, and Krabi International Airport.

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Why does BJP not have a strong foothold in Telengana?

How are shaders made in Unity?

Shaders in Unity are written in language called CG which was developed by Nvidia a while back but is no longer in active development. It is really similar to writting shaders in HLSL ( DirectX way of writing shaders ).

There are several resources available for getting started with writing shaders, such as :


Who will win 2019 elections?

I am sure you are referring to 2019 Lok Sabha elections in India .
In the current scenario, and as of the latest election results in 5 states, it is quite apparent that BJP , has already lost its charm , hence we can forsee a Congress led coaltion Govt. forming at Centre.
People are left in dilemna, ie; between the devil and deep sea.
It does not mean people are over excited to elect Congress, but simply becuase they are left with no choice.
However I also foresee in the next few months current Modi Govt. will sone start to declare a lot of subsidies, projects and whatever they can to appease the people in India, and if they get to power take away all those once they are in power.


Why does Nvidia RTX 2080ti cost more in India?

I can only make a guess.
But I would take into consideration that Nvidia usually faces a situation that they can't produce enough cards ( Like they did with the 1080Ti ), Thereby amount the cards in the market get reduced and ends up artificially increasing the price.
Then again it's just a guess.
The 3rd party manufacturers might be able to produce more from their production houses thereby preventing the scarcity issue.

Someone is copying my website , What should I do ?

Someone is ripping off the articles on your site? You can always slap a fake, or even real(if you want to take it that far) DMCA in their face to scare them into taking down your content. Stealing copyrighted content is plagiarism and plagiarism is illegal so just tell them that you're a lawyer and want the content taken down. Use a program such as Grammarly to help with your grammar so you come off more professional and believable. Good luck!