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How to generate sales for your Shopify store?

Instagram Infuencer Marketing:
Its the best way to generate unlimited sales for your Shopify or any online ecommerce store.

First of all , select a niche and then select a product from that niche that you want to sell on your website.
Now, find an instagram page related to same niche and having followers of around 30k-50k.
Message the owner of the page for paid promotion.
Thats it, run your post about the product on that page with a link to website and see sales generating.
The owner will charge around 200rs for a post.

Which cryptocurrency should i buy in 2019 ?

Investing in cryptocurrency depends on many factors. Before choosing any cryptocurrency you have to do your own research. But in my opinion i would like to suggest you to buy and invest in Steller(XLM) as it has its own blockchain and have a very low price of around 8Rs/XLM which will surely be around 100rs or more in a year.

Is Statue of Unity a good place for tourists ?

Yes Statue Of Unity can be a one time visit for tourists. However I do hope that India does not follow this way of tourism and starts to build lifeless Statues . I have heard that many LIFELESS Statues are on the works.
If so it will just be a monument of Shame & Guilt

How to become a Billionaire?

There is no secret to become a billionaire. Its simple, it just need three things:

1. A vision or dream with an idea, that can change people life and obviously yours too.
2. Hardwork, you have to give it your best even at the lowest

3. Consistency , you have to be consistent and keep doing what you are doing even you are not seeing results for a peroid.

Try this, and one day you will surely become a billionaire,

How is the review of movie Aquaman?

Aquaman is the latest super-hero movie from the marvel alternative DC Universe.
Aquaman is still to be released in 21st December 2018 in Western countries.
But it is already released in India and people are loving it.
The CGI or graphics are awesome and the story line,music and action scenes will surely give you gossebumps.
At the end of the year its the best movie to watch right now!
I will give 4.5 stars out of 5 to Aquaman.

Which is best iOS or Android?

Both iOS & Android are perfect in their own way.
If you need something very secure and full of safety features then you should go for iphone or iOS.
But if don't care that much about securtity and want customization to your mobile then Android is the best for you.

What to do if you are stressed?

Being stressed nowadays is getting very common for all. But what to do, to overcome this stressfull life and be happy.
Here are some tricks you can try:

  1. Take a ride, its the best remedy take your bike and go out have some fress air.
  2. Listen to the music, trust me its the best remedy.
  3. Have a tea or coffee. It will refresh your moond.
  4. Spend some time with your friends and family.

After all, life meant to be lived happily not wating it by stressing over problems.

How to do marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great platform for marketing and generating number of sales for your professional business.
One way to do that is , 
First of all set your profile to the same profession you want to target people.
Then connecting all those people which comes under the same network.
After that all you have to do , is to send the message of your proposal to all these people.
You can also use some automation tools also.

How to make an android app without any knowledge of coding?

There are plenty of online app inventing tools which you can use to make a valuable app and monetize it earn some side income. You can try searching Thunkable. Its the best platform for beginners.

What is Press release in term of SEO?

Online Press release is a type of off-page linking technique. In which you distribute an article about your website to all the online news website which when published creates a high quality backlink to your website.

How to setup a lifetime business at your home.

In this world of today where everything seems to happen online, there are enormous businesses which you can start sitting at your home with just a laptop and a high speed internet connection. Some of them are:
1. Freelancing
2. Dropshipping
3. Service Reselling
4. Online Trading
5. Business Flipping
6. Monetizing Content
And many more.

How to reach China from Hongkong by Train ?

How to do on-page SEO?

What electrical motors are used in Tesla and why?


Tesla vehicles uses 3 phase Four pole Induction Motor. These are the  reasons for using it.

  1. Induction motors especially 3 phase are rugged and reliable.
  2. 3 phase Induction Motors are highly efficient and have low weight/kW power requirement.
  3. 3 phase Induction motors are self starting unlike gasoline engines where a separate DC motor is required for initial crank.
  4. Most importantly with the help of VVVFD drives, these motors have efficient start with low current and high starting torque.
  5. Induction motors are efficient in terms of braking also. Regenerative braking is an inherent property where the motor can return electric power back to the supply during Electrical braking.
  6. Speed regulation of an induction motor is quite good. Also the speed of the motor can be easily controlled by just varying frequency.

Bench mark Spec V1.2

How to get Thailand Tourist visa online ?

Now tourists can apply for online visa and save lots of time standing in long ques  at Thai airports. www.evisathailand.com/

The e-Visa on Arrival service by eVisaThailand.com is pleased to provide support for visitors from 20 countries and 1 territory to arrival airports in Thailand including Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang Airport International Airport, Phuket International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, and Krabi International Airport.

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