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What are your thoughts on WordPress 5.0?

How much excercise is required for a pet dog ?

I have a Pomeranian dog, and I give him enough time to run around the house atleast for 30 minutes every 4 hours . Playtime is important to any dogs, and some may require even more

What is the best web hosting service and what makes that better than competitors ?

For low cost VPS ,

More RAM, More power for less. Try free trial there.

Which are the best but cheap Tourist Destinations?

Cheap ones are






Why do some Elections in Africa turn Violent?

Not all elections result to violence. As far as I know, violence occurs mostly when one contender doesn't accept the results. This is usually the case when he loses. The same case happened in Kenya, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe;


Here's a research conducted that explains why violence happens after elections in most African countries.


What is Forex trading?

Forex Trading refers to the trading of currencies. All currency trading is done in pairs. Unlike the stock market, where you can buy or sell a single stock, you have to buy one currency and sell another currency in the forex market. Next, nearly all currencies are priced out to the fourth decimal point. A pip or percentage in point is the smallest increment of trade. If you have an interest in Forex Trading you can start by studying this tutorial:


What's the political status in Kenya? In terms of peace

I come from Kenya and it's true that we have tribal clashes mostly after the elections. We had a stalemate last year, 2017, but that's all over now. The country is at peace, business is going on normally and even tourists are having a great and peaceful time this festive season. BBC offers a great profile on Kenya's current situation here:


You can also watch this video on YouTube.


Which is the best source for Wealth Management ?

Physical QWERTY phone suggestions?

Are Entreprenuers made or born?

According to me, entrepreneurs are not naturally born, they are nurturally made. Entrepreneurship is not a destiny. You may be born in an entrepreneurial family but you still don't have it in you. Dhirubai Ambani and Warren Buffet are examples of entrepreneurs who were made. All they needed was training, nurturing and taking the initiative to start their own businesses. The rest they learned along the way. However, this is a broad topic with much debate.

For more information on the topic, follow these links.



Blackhat vs Whitehat SEO, which do you prefer?

I prefer Whitehat SEO techniques. It may take long to create content that connects with real people but it gives long term legit results. Blackhat SEO on the other hand, gives short term results and you risk your site being banned. For more comparisons and tips on which to choose, watch this video.



What's your favourite TV series?

My favi TV series are:

1: Game of Thrones.


it's one of the best I've ever watched. The dragons, wars, politics and even killing of stars. It's a fascinating show.

2. The Walking Dead


They released the ninth season with a surprising twist of talking zombies. I can't wait for the next season. 

Others are Prison Break, The CatchVikings, among others.

Mining Btcoins. Is It Profitable now ?

Well it kind of is, but considering the varying value of the coin, I wouldn't suggest spending too much on a mining rig since there was a global shortage of graphics cards due to the same with inflated prices and it's still not come down that much yet, so you might want to consider how much you want to invest in that.

Also its never a good idea to use laptops for mining, from personal experience they tend to heat up a lot and inturn throttle the CPU to cope with the high temperatures so you wouldn't get a consistent performance while mining. Considering you only get 4 cores on your laptop at a "questionably" reasonable price point, you wouldn't be able to do anything else on your laptop while it mines, going beyond 4 cores and investing in a 6 core laptop just for mining would be down right impractical since you could get a far more powerful desktop setup at that price and given the ROI on such a machine, it wouldn't be anywhere near profitable to say the least.

What are the Main foods in Kenya.?

Ugali is the most common food in Kenya. It's a semi-hard cake made from Corn Flour. Ugali can be eaten along with beef stew, mushroom stew, fish, and vegetable soup. Other main foods include Pilau- reice cooked with spices and stock meat, Chapati and Irio or Mukimo. Here are references to these types of food and how they are made.



Which are the Best Tourist destinations in Kenya?

Kenya is a huge East African Country with a lot if tourist destinations. From cities, animals to historical sites such as the Fort Jesus. Watch these videos to catch a glimpse if what to expect at  Fort Jesus.



Other places in Kenya are Maasai Mara National park where you get to view the wild beast migration and the Maasai villages. Other top rated tourist destinations can be found here:


How to generate sales for your Shopify store?

Instagram Infuencer Marketing:
Its the best way to generate unlimited sales for your Shopify or any online ecommerce store.

First of all , select a niche and then select a product from that niche that you want to sell on your website.
Now, find an instagram page related to same niche and having followers of around 30k-50k.
Message the owner of the page for paid promotion.
Thats it, run your post about the product on that page with a link to website and see sales generating.
The owner will charge around 200rs for a post.

Which cryptocurrency should i buy in 2019 ?

Investing in cryptocurrency depends on many factors. Before choosing any cryptocurrency you have to do your own research. But in my opinion i would like to suggest you to buy and invest in Steller(XLM) as it has its own blockchain and have a very low price of around 8Rs/XLM which will surely be around 100rs or more in a year.

Is Statue of Unity a good place for tourists ?

How to become a Billionaire?

There is no secret to become a billionaire. Its simple, it just need three things:

1. A vision or dream with an idea, that can change people life and obviously yours too.
2. Hardwork, you have to give it your best even at the lowest

3. Consistency , you have to be consistent and keep doing what you are doing even you are not seeing results for a peroid.

Try this, and one day you will surely become a billionaire,

How is the review of movie Aquaman?

Well, as far as I see, Aquaman is getting nothing but good reviews. It is currently the number one movie in the entire world and has been since being released. I personally haven't seen it because I don't see the appeal of Jason Mamoa, or the story, but from what I've heard it's a really good movie.