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Which e-commerce solutions are you using ?

I am using Woocommerce hence cannot comment on that, as they are Magento plugins.
If they are updated timely then absolutely no issues at all.

Where can I get MBA degree online ?


is the leading Online site where you can get your degree maninly for MBA.
Their certificate is verifiable in site, and aslo has QR Code and Photo, which adds professionalism to your MBA degree.
Cost is also lesss when  compared to other sites.tvyDaWTtKuDwLtN0QhHjQwzXLZWvbhag.jpg

Which is the Best Free Website for Earnig Free Cryptocurrency ?

Best free site to earn and withdraw BTC ( Bitcoin) is http://bit.ly/31IvtM7.

Automated faucets Bot can be found here for very low cost and updated very often.

Hope that helps

Which Forex Signal service is the best and most reliable ?

Invariably Forexsignal.win

is the best site which has verified proof from myfxbook. Also has free trial and also offers different ways to get signal for free. Other Advantages.
Only 1 trade per pair.
Stoploss less than 25 pips.
Atleast 10+ trades per day depending on volatility
High percentage of growth.


How to get quick relief from Leg Muscle cramp ?

Usually this occurs while lying down or being seated. Quickly standup and .. it will be gone within a second. You may hesitate to standup... but just do it.. and the pain will be gone immediately.
Try it and thank me !!!!

Current trend of EURUSD forex trading ?

As on 14th Feb 2019, the current downtrend may diminish as it is oversold. Here is a chart for analysis.


Hence it can assumed it is a buy Trend now.. with TP @ 1.13310

What is The Best Golf Course Las Vegas ?

I wish to take up MBBS course in China . Any suggestion?



I'm a student studying medicine in Nanjing Medical University in Nanjing, China.The pros of studying here would be..

  • Beautiful and safe environment.For sightseeing and studying.
  • Moderate weather. Not extreme anyway. 
  • Classes are in English 
  • Good facilities 
  • Tremendous opportunities to display our culture and immerse ourselves in Chinese culture and other cultures as there are many students from different countries attending NJMU.
  • Fees and cost of living is comparatively affordable. There is also opportunity for scholarship each year.

Now the cons would be :

  • There won't be any medical subjects in the first year at my university.first year subjects are math, physics, chemistry, computer, Chinese history and Chinese.  It is not the case in some other universities in China. 
  • We'll have to study Chinese till 3rd year. And we also have to pass an exam called HSK. Chinese is tough but with regular practice, it can be learnt just like any other language. 
  • Strict rules and regulations regarding attendance and other stuff. I don't know if you'd see this as a con or not. 
  • Food from the canteen  is a bit hard to get adjusted to but there is a kitchen on every floor if you feel like cooking instead.
  • Language is a problem. It'd be best to be fluent in English and study Chinese well. It is needed to converse with the locals. 

So that's all I could think of. Hope it was helpful. 

Ways to reduce bloating?

I used to bloat due to my excessive coffee intake. I suggest you to lessen your consumption of coffee and alcohol drinks. Fruits could also aid in reducing bloating.

What is the result of Kerala Lottery X'mas New Year Bumper BR-65 ?


Christmas New Year Bumper 2019

 Lottery Result BR-65

1st Prize
EW 213957 (KOLLAM)


Consolation Prize
CH 213957  RI 213957
ST 213957  MA 213957
SN 213957  YE 213957  AR 213957
2nd Prize
CH 296916 (KANNUR)
CH 393536 (THRISSUR)
RI 208872 (IDUKKI)
RI 221406 (WAYANAD)
ST 377681 (WAYANAD)
MA 175185 (THRISSUR)
MA 357167 (IDUKKI)
SN 298451 (KOTTAYAM)
SN 310791 (PALAKKAD)
YE 117262 (THRISSUR)
YE 219818 (THRISSUR)
AR 160642 (THRISSUR)
AR 457121 (THRISSUR)
3rd Prize
RI 286918 (PALAKKAD)
ST 195451 (THRISSUR)
MA 297554 (KANNUR)
MA 442284 (PALAKKAD)
SN 377359 (WAYANAD)
EW 223300 (KANNUR)
EW 434559 (KOTTAYAM)
YE 404711 (KOTTAYAM)
AR 174222 (PALAKKAD)


4th Prize
5th Prize
0079  0239  0355  0929  1666
2059  2310  2474  2527  2995
3148  3673  3692  3853  4241
4455  4679  5254  5527  5634
5769  6186  6208  6416  6524
6677  6857  7218  7303  7435
7505  7672  7886  8737  9467
6th Prize
0845  1003  1355  1436  1699
2097  2223  2296  2605  2781
3110  3454  3675  3732  4367
4390  4546  4713  4846  4965
5923  6044  6484  6520  6750
7515  7611  7919  8059  8375
8396  8525  9010  9387  9469
9548  9764  9861  9866

7th Prize
0380  0701  1015  1061  1063
1224  2005  2161  2275  2866
2921  2973  3564  3696  3804
4020  4321  4723  5064  5497
6054  6059  6145  6146  6168
6214  6356  6385  6634  6735
6742  6882  7076  7461  7809
8141  8175  8463  8546  8662
8866  8868  8870  9229  9306
9462  9516  9627  9767  9903
8th Prize
0053  0122  0197  0372  0376
0545  0664  0835  0918  0957
1008  1116  1164  1288  1419
1573  1642  1733  1785  1793
1794  1903  1905  2032  2303
2341  2492  2647  2725  2851
3073  3079  3246  3359  3619
3752  3902  3987  4130  4150
4252  4375  4420  4472  4487
4504  4925  4967  5009  5096
5137  5166  5246  5493  5588
5598  5641  5675  5729  5744
5877  5985  6025  6089  6161
6178  6194  6236  6252  6360
6406  6518  6551  6596  7029
7031  7327  7328  7490  7506
7548  8101  8154  8164  8323
8439  8471  8597  8799  8816
8920  9197  9233  9266  9313
9333  9335  9806  9927  9967
Lottery Results23-01-2019

What is the upcoming Cryptocurrency Investment Oppurtunity in 2019 ?

Have you herad of Weenzee ?

This is a an upcoming site with lots of buzz these days.
Lots of features are set in and claims to make money from artificial intelliegnce .
Doesn't hurt to take a look.

Is Jatayu Para Worth visiting ? How is the experience ?

I recently visited on Jan 2019 .Took the Cable car & sculpture view ticket.
The Ambience on approach was good. Very neat and tidy . Has to undergo body frisking for security as in Airports . No outside food allowed. The cable car ride was very short , hardly 10 minutes, and it was not smooth too. Swinging all the way up.
Once at top nothing to see except the scuplture of Jatayu. Entrance was restricted to the Musuem inside the sculpture so cannot comment on that.
Hardly could spend 45 minutes at top, as there was nothing else.
Overall at the end the Rs400/- + GST seems not worth.
There was a 12 D thetare for which you have to pay extra Rs150/- situated at the exit hall.
So before visiting better make a call and ask them what all are there to see, becuase unless they add more attractions at this cost, I would suggest you wait till more investments and features come up.


Best 4k TV under 50,000 Rs in India?

Where is the best place to study Artificial Intelligence abroad?

How to reduce cholestrol level naturally?

One Natural method is

Take two Ladiesfinger (Vegetable) and cut it in half and put it in a glass of water overnight. Drink the liquid after squeezing the Ladiesfinger and consume early morning for just 7 days.

You can see your Cholesterol level be of optimum.

How to keep Pests like Mice, lizard, cockroaches away from my home organically ?

Add some peppermint oil to your cleaning solution and mop your floor with it to wipe away ant trails

. -Lemon basil and cinnamon basil can effectively repel the Anopheles gambiae complex, a group of mosquito species known to carry malaria.

-Lavender scent can protect your home, pets, and other plants from being infested by bugs.

-According to research, nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that your kitty loves so much, acts as an irritant against these common household pests.

-Rosemary is commonly used in cooking and has medicinal properties. It also attracts butterflies but deters flies and mosquitoes.

-Apply a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to some cotton balls and put them in areas where you often find spiders.

-Mix baking soda with sugar, and place a bowl of water near it. This lethal trio creates a chemical reaction inside the roaches’ stomach, which, let’s just say, won’t end well for the little buggers.

-Marigold contains pyrethrum, a compound that’s commonly found in commercial bug sprays. -Put original scented dryer sheets in these places to keep mice out.

-Protect yourself and your family by setting traps with peanut butter for mice and rats. -Mouse-proof your house by placing sheets of aluminum foil in their hideouts.

-Try ultrasonic repellents if you’re willing to spend the money. These things emit high-frequency sounds that are only sensitive to a mouse’s ears

. -Borax is used as a cleansing agent and in glass-making. It can also kill ants, roaches, termites, spiders, and even mold. -Use steel wool or copper mesh to mouse-proof your house and seal the deal with caulking. -If you need to keep wild animals out of your garden, cayenne pepper is a perfectly safe way to keep them at bay. Sprinkle it on the topsoil to keep rabbits and squirrels from munching on your fresh veggies

. -Burning neem leaves gives about 76% mosquito protection for up to two hours. You can also heat the leaves up for 25% protection

. -Another plant that’s proven to fend off mosquitoes is lemon thyme. Smash it and apply it to your skin after running a test on a small area.

Best Electric Guitar Under $500?

Can Forex EA build 600+ be decompiled ?

No it cannot be decompiled as of this writing date.
Build 224 and backwards can be decompiled

Is Ethereum worth investing in?

Although Ethereum isn't worth as much as a Bitcoin, Ethereum is still worth a pretty penny. There are still many people who use it so it's still in heavy circulation. But again, not as much as Bitcoin. I would say it's worth accepting ETH payments but maybe wait till the market is more stable to invest in it. 

How can I increase my Instagram followers?

Google is your friend! You can find almost anything on there. Use your imagination. For instance, what I do is go to Google and search for "trial instagram followers". Your results will be a bunch of social media marketing sites who offer Instagram followers offering free trial runs of their services. It's very handy for getting some free Instagram followers. You probably won't get the thousands you're looking for though unless you visit pages and pages worth of sites and that could take days.